Wait, How Do I Use Kidpower if I am Distance Learning?!

Thank you to Kidpower Teenpower Fullpower International for permission to use portions of their exceptional safety and empowerment programs in this post and in GoGirls programs. To learn more, visit https://kidpower.org

Hi Go Girls! It’s Annika (they/them) here with some tips on how to use all the Kidpower safety powers you have learned this summer at Go Girls! at Home to help with your Back-To-School transition.

Kidpower for Back-To-School

This Fall you may be going back to school on Zoom or Google Classroom or maybe your school is engaged in hybrid learning (a mix of online and in-person)…no matter what your Back-To-School plans look like these tips will help you stay safe and have more fun this fall!

  1. Calm and Confident Bodies: OMG Go Girls! Paying attention to Zoom or Google Classroom can be so challenging. Doing school from home is not as easy as it may sound. If you are anything like me you probably find yourself getting distracted by every little thing. (And for the older Go Girls! out there you can probably relate to the challenges of being distracted by your phone.) This is a time when we can use Calm and Confident Bodies. Calm and Confident Bodies means sitting upright with a straight back and head held high. It also means taking a deep breath when you need it. So I want to invite each of you, next time you are feeling some big feelings during online class to try returning to your Calm and Confident Body.

  2. Awareness Power: While Awareness Power can mean looking over your shoulder to make sure you are staying a safe distance from a bully or a rogue bouncy ball on the playground, during online school Awareness Power means something a little different. It means being “aware” of your feelings! Yes, Awareness Power can mean being aware of how your body, mind, and spirit are feeling. During class, I invite you to use this power to notice what your body needs. Maybe you need a break? Maybe you need to stand up and stretch? Maybe you need help from your grown-up because your Zoom screen froze? Only you know what you need and as GoGirls we have the power to ask for help when we need it!

  3. Mouth Closed Power: When we are in-person, or sometimes even over video, Mouth Closed Power is a reminder to press your top lip against your bottom lip. This power can help us remember to only speak when it is our turn. It can also help us pause and not say mean words that will make a problem bigger. Mouth Closed Power can even help us remember to take a breath and return to our Calm and Confident Bodies. But what does all this have to do with Back-To-School in a pandemic? Easy! Mouth closed power is that little button on the bottom of your screen that says “Mute/Unmute.” You can use this Zoom or Google Classroom feature in all the same ways you would use Mouth Closed Power in-person!

  4. STOP! Power: As Go Girls! we have the power to say “Stop.” From wherever you are right now practice building your fence with your hands and saying stop. Beautiful! STOP! Power is perhaps the most powerful of all powers! When you use a loud and proud voice others will bother you less and believe you more. Just because you may be social distancing or distance learning does not mean that your powers are weaker. In fact, they are more important than ever. Remember Go Girls!…you have the power to say “STOP,” you have the power to say “Please stop I don’t like that,” you have the power to say “Stop or I will tell!”

  5. Walk Away Power: Last but not least, Go Girls!, you can still use your Walk Away Power even when distance learning. Walk Away Power means getting the space you need when a safety problem arises. It can mean literally moving out of reach or it can mean turning off your camera or the chat feature to distance yourself from a safety problem. Remember you always have the power to tell an adult. I pinky promise you that if you tell your grown-up you are having safety problems, even if they are busy with work, they will come and help you!

As you know we close every day at Go Girls! Camp with celebrations. So I have some celebrations for all of you reading this…

“I celebrate you for Saying Yes to online/hybrid school!”

"I celebrate you for learning and practicing your Kidpower safety powers today!”

“And, most of all, I celebrate how amazingly powerful you are!”