Discovering You and Your Go Girl’s! Needs

What are your cycles?

Although quarantine brings its own unique challenges every day, hopefully, your life has found a general rhythm to follow. Take some time to look at how you spend your day, and when you find yourself in need of some self-care. Keep an eye out for when you start to reach for that midday coffee, or when you find it a little to easy to let your attention slide off your work. Once you figure out your pattern of lulls in the day you can start to proactively set up support systems for yourself. Taking time to think about these patterns in your day will help you get in touch with yourself and your needs. This is also part of a larger, super important method of self-care- setting a routine for your day. Having a consistent routine allows you to not only schedule your day to make sure you’re getting done everything you need to get done, but it also means your body starts to get used to when you have to do what. This makes it easier to get up and feel energized in the morning as well as to calm down and go to sleep at night. Routines help to ground us help provide structure. Especially for kids, the freedom of just being at home all day can make it difficult to feel as supported as they do at school. Taking some time to map out what their day to day will look like can help provide that foundation.

What do you need more of?

In this time as we look towards preparing to go back to school or work (whether it be in person or online), now is a great time to look back on how your life has changed since the pandemic began. How has it changed since before the pandemic or even since those first few months of quarantine? What do you miss? Although it is crucial to follow official guidelines for quarantine, are there some ways you can (safely) include some of the activities back into your life? Maybe you can’t host a game night in real life, but there are tons of great virtual games you can find online! This is great for kids and grown-ups alike. Try getting on call (whether that be on Zoom or facetime) and playing a virtual multiplayer game with your family and friends. Maybe you can’t go to the farmer’s market, but you can try out a new recipe you’ve never made before! Find a few fun new meals you or your family members have been wanting to try! Maybe you’re finding yourself unmotivated, and need to get that drive back to work at your full potential. It is important to make sure not to value yourself based on your productivity, and there are great ways to help you get back into your flow. One idea is to define a specific place in your house to do your work. Whether that be at a desk, the dining room table, or even on the couch- having a separate space that you only use for your work can help you to get into “work mode” faster. This is super important for both kids and parents. Work with your Go Girl! to set up their own space to work on schoolwork, art projects, and more.

What do you need less of?

On the other hand, what do you want to get rid of? The routine of quarantine can also cause us to neglect ourselves and pick up bad habits. Whether it be spending too much time looking at a screen, or by having a set time to get to work. This helps your brain instinctually know that it’s time to focus. Another part of this is scheduling specific times to be “on.” The workplace has changed dramatically over the last few months (as Go Girls! teachers are well aware of!) and although going to work with pajama pants on is great, the at-home change has meant there isn’t a clear distinction between work and home. It’s important to set boundaries for yourself. Because everything is so digital, we can now contact each other all the time. This leads to constantly checking our phone for emails and new notifications- meaning we can’t take space away from work like we used to. Consider setting an “end time” when you sign off from work’s demands. This will help to let you truly relax, meaning you can be doing better work for when you are on.