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Go Girls! is not just a summer camp. 

Go Girls! is a movement.  We are educating, inspiring, and activating girls across the country to take center stage!
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With the pandemic keeping us apart...Go Girls! is coming HOME. 

We believe that girls are the leaders we have all been waiting for.  And now, we need their leadership more than ever!


Go Girls! at Home is a virtual summer camp for girls and gender non-conforming kids ages 6-14 (rising 1st through 8th graders) to make art and media together - all while practicing the Go Girls! Culture Code, our highly effective social-emotional skills framework designed to help girls become their boldest, bravest selves.

Summer Camps &

Aferschool Programs for Girls

Social-Emotional Learning

Theater, Music, Media, and Visual Arts

Social Justice Education

Go Girls! Locations

California/East Bay

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Go Girls! Oakland is independently owned and operated by Carli Kyles, running summer camps in Oakland and Berkeley, CA. 

Florida/Pasco County

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Girls Club of Pasco County Agents for Change is a licensed provider of the Go Girls! curriculum led by Sheena Loftton Huggins.

California/Marin County

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Hannah Rudsten is a Marriage and Family Therapist Intern running Go Girls! Afterschool Clubs in Marin County, CA.

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