The Go Girls! Culture Code

The Go Girls! Culture Code is our 5-part social-emotional learning framework that bridges art and science and answers the question, "What do girls need to be learning in order to become their boldest, bravest selves?"


Say Yes!


Give & Take

noun_Trash Can_806478.png

Make Mistakes

noun_Emotion Dice_39973.png

Feel My Feelings


Take Center Stage

Go Girls! Camp 

Over the course of this two-week summer camp for girls, rising first graders - fourth graders learn social and emotional skills through the arts. Girls practice theater, expressive arts, music and perform their very own play that promotes pro-social values.

Go Girls! Productions

Older girls (rising fifth, sixth, and seventh graders) produce, edit, direct, and star in their own works of digital media.  Girls learn to think critically of the media they consume while creating original girl-powered media.

Go Girls! Afterschool Clubs

Go Girls! Afterschool Club is a safe place for Go Girls! to be together and get creative.  Through the making of original theater, music, visual arts, and digital media, girls embark on the journey of celebrating their power and uniqueness.