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Enroll her in our first ever virtual summer camp 

With the pandemic keeping us apart...Go Girls! is coming HOME. 

We believe that girls are the leaders we have all been waiting for.  And now, we need their leadership more than ever!

Go Girls! at Home is a virtual summer camp for girls and gender non-conforming kids ages 6-14 (rising 1st through 8th graders) to make art and media together - all while practicing the Go Girls! Culture Code, our highly effective social-emotional skills framework designed to help girls become their boldest, bravest selves.

What Will She Do?

Throughout the course of this 5-week, virtual camp session, your Go Girl! will:

  • Attend a weekly live, virtual Community Circle with Go Girls! from all across the country to play, reflect, and celebrate

  • Make art, learn dances and songs, write original pieces, and more with the help of veteran Go Girls! teaching artists

  • Connect with other girls her age to practice the skills of the Go Girls! Culture Code in weekly small groups

  • Share and celebrate her creations within the context of a loving and supportive community 

What Will She Learn?

Go Girls! Culture Code Say Yes
Go Girls! Culture Code Give and Take.png
Go Girls! Culture Code Make Mistakes.png
Go Girls! Culture Code Feel My Feelings.
Go Girls! Culture Code Take Center Stage

Each week of the session aligns with the learning points of the Go Girls! Culture Code.

Week 1: Say Yes! 
Saying yes means I am ready for anything that comes my way.  I have the courage to take the next step and the knowledge to keep myself safe.

Week 2: Give & Take
I give to others and I am happy. I take in the good and I am happy.  I don't care about "fitting in." I know that, no matter where I go, I belong.

Week 3: Make Mistakes
I am not perfect. I am always learning and growing so, I will definitely make mistakes.  I throw my mistakes in The Tower of Oops and move on to the next challenge.

Week 4: Feel My Feelings
I can feel happy and angry and everything in between.  All of my feelings are okay.  And no matter how I can feel, I can learn to act calm and confident...even when I'm not.

Week 5: Take Center Stage
I have the power of my voice. My body.  My imagination.  I make bold and brave choices.  When I take center stage with my creativity and my ideas, I become the leader the world has been waiting for.

How does it work online?

Go Girls! at Home virtual summer camp will take place inside of a Google Classroom.  The primary learning will happen in 3 different formats:

  1. Live large group meetings via Google Meet - at the beginning and end of the week, Go Girls! will come together for connection and celebration

  2. Zoom and/or Video-enriched lessons led by talented Go Girls! teaching artists - Go Girls! will watch instructional videos whenever they want and complete the artistic projects at their own pace

  3. Live small group meetings - Your Go Girl! will be assigned to a small "family group" with other girls her age.  Each week, the groups, led by a Go Girls! "Camp Mama," will meet to build deeper connections and practice the lessons of the Go Girls! Culture Code.

Ready? Let's get her signed up!

  1. Choose your session
    There are two opportunities to join us at Go Girls! this summer.  Each session is 5-weeks long and culminates in a virtual performance and celebration!

    1. Session 1: May 26 - June 26 (Enrollment Deadline: May 22)

    2. Session 2: June 29 - July 31 (Enrollment Deadline: June 26)

  2. Purchase camp for the Go Girls! in your home
    The cost of a 5-week session of Go Girls! at Home is $199. Have a second Go Girl! in your home? Use the coupon code SIBDISCOUNT and enroll her for just $49!* 

  3. Receive your Go Girls! at Home Camp Kit!
    Each Go Girl! will receive her own Camp Kit including: a Go Girls! t-shirt, a journal, a Go Girls! Culture Code poster, stickers, a button, a jump rope, and stationary to write to all the new friends she will make with girls all across the country.


  4. Welcome to Go Girls! at Home!  
    Check your email for important details about how to access the Google Classroom, what will happen the first day, and the best ways to support your daughter (and yourself!) through the summer.

*If you are interested in enrolling 3 of more Go Girls!, contact us to receive a special coupon code for larger groups.